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Avedis Audio E27 Equalizer
Avedis Audio E27 Equalizer
Avedis Audio
111 000 руб.


The E27 was created for the need of a high quality modular equalizer. High performance, versatility, ease of use, and simplicity is the initial core of the E27’s design. Some of the best analog gear from the past was the inspiration for its character in sound. Outstanding quality and most suitable parts are used throughout – gold-plated switches, high performance capacitors, high-quality transformers, and custom machined aluminum knobs. 

Today’s engineers deal with many different types of recording equipment from older high-end analog gear to the newest digitally controlled recording equipment. With this in mind, the E27 can interface easily with many types of gear including balanced or unbalanced sources, high or low impedance loads, even unbalanced loads. 

The level knob controls up to 16 db’s of cut and boost but for those who only need a few db’s, the travel of the pot starts slow and speeds up at the extremes giving the user more fine control at levels of 6 db’s or less. Knob positions are not only easy to see from a distance but are also felt – the level pot knob has a small point so you know where you are without looking at the eq. The outer frequency control knob has a knurl texture for ease of grip.         


 Low Freq     Mid Freq     High Freq
 33 680 6K8
 63*  800  8K2
 82*  1K2  10K
 120*  1K8  12K
 200*  2K5  14K
 300*  3K  17K5
 370  3K8  20K
 430  4K6  24K
 550  5K6  28K

 * These low frequencies are shelving capable. 


  • Input Impedance        13KΩ transformer balanced
  • Output Impedance      Less than 45Ω
  • Nominal Operating Levels    −15 to +15dbu
  • Frequency Response  −0.2dbu@10hz, −3dbu@58khz
  • Power Requirement   ±16 VDC @ 85mA Total
  • THD+N (full bandwidth unfiltered) 0.004% @ 0dbu unequalized
  • Intermodulation Distortion (IMD)    0.004%, unequalized − 1.5% max equalized
  • Filter BW (Q) ≈0.85−1.1
  • Max Output Level 600Ω load           +27.2dbu @ ±16V
  • Max Output Level 20kΩ load           +28.5dbu @ ±16V
  • Connector       15 pin 0.156″ spacing



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