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Weiss DNA1-C
Weiss DNA1-C
Weiss Engineering
603 000 руб.


2 Channel Declicker / Ambience Processor

In cooperation with the Pure Notes Company, Weiss developed a State of the Art Denoiser / Declicker and K-Stereo ambience regenerator unit.
The Weiss DNA1 uses a novel approach to noise reduction which can remove a wide range of noise types without affecting the musical characteristics, stereo imaging or the ambiance of the original.
The K-Stereo ambience enhancement processor recovers lost ambience, space, depth, imaging and clarity.
The M/S encoder / decoder and level control portion allows for independent balance and stereo width tweaking.


Features are: (all working in real time)

  • Denoiser with three operation levels (auto / semi auto / manual), which allow for simple, intuitive operation as well as for elaborate parameter tweaking when necessary
  • Declicker
  • K-Stereo process (under license from Bob Katz)
  • M/S encoder / decoder

User Testimonials

"It's simply amazing. It's the best denoiser I ever heard. It's the only one that does not destroy the tails of the reverbs, the only one that fixes the comb-filtering in the high frequencies. Using just presets it's already great, going into the parameters it's an amazing processor, you can do miracles. K-Stereo is doing also a very good job in opening the image and turning back missing high-frequency information." - Chris Hatzistamou, Athens Mastering, Greece


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