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Bricasti Design M1 USB
Bricasti Design M1 USB
Bricasti Design
676 246 руб.


Dual mono D/A converter with USB, AES, SPDIF and Toslink inputs The Bricasti Design M1 digital to analog converter is a dual mono design; there are 2 completely isolated channels, a left and right, each with its own dedicated linear power supply, D/A converter, DDS clocking, and analog circuitry. This design insures that analog cross talk is virtually non existent, that the necessary power requirements for each channel are well met and isolated from each other and the digital processing is isolated, having its own power supply. With our twin DAC design, the dynamic range for each channel is optimized by using the stereo ADI 1955 D/A converter in a mono configuration, plus clocking is for each channel done directly at each DAC with a technique called DDS (direct digital synthesis) which takes clock induced jitter to immeasurable levels. Build Quality The M1 is robustly constructed of milled and CNC machined aluminum sections. There is no typical bent metal chassis and top cover found on most products. All sections of the construction, the front and rear panels, the sides and even the bottom and top plates start out as solid blocks of aluminum which are precision machined to shape, with exact tolerances for a perfect fit. These parts are then anodized and the text and markings and are laser etched for a clean and enduring look. The Sound The intention if the M1 is to provide a state of the art, Digital to Analog converter, utilizing the best designs and materials that can be found today. The D/A converter is a very critical part of the digital audio chain, after all you have to convert it to analog to hear it, and we feel this should be a true as possible in its reconstruction of the original signal. The sound of the M1 is intended to be transparent and revealing, and fully dynamic. This in part is made possible by the lowering the jitter to extremely low levels, providing a pure digital signal chain with no SRCs ( sample rate converters) or digital volume controllers, superior digital filter design, coupled to a fast transparent analog signal path with a discreet analog output section and plenty of good clean linear power for optimum analog performance. Many hours of listening were done to tune the M1 to an exacting sound, with all types of music, and with extensive testing done in the studio and in the home. We hope you find the M1 to be pleasing and enjoyable to hear and use in the home, or as a precision tool for high level reference monitoring for the professional. Обзор Bricasti Design M1 D/A converter By John Atkinson http://www.stereophile.com/content/bricasti-design-m1-da-converter Сравнение с Weiss DAC202 - $6670 и dCS Debussy - $10,999 http://www.stereophile.com/content/bricasti-design-m1-da-converter-page-2 Обзор «Последнее слово в конверторостроении»: http://www.whathifi.com/review/m1
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