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Vintech Audio, Inc is a private company categorized under Music Distribution Apparatus and located in Dover, FL. Our records show it was established in 1998 and incorporated in Florida.
Since 1997, Vintech has rapidly grown to fame thanks to their professional microphone preamplifiers based on the most coveted, classic preamp "standards" in music history. Their recreations are so spot-on, in fact, that notable professionals such as Michael Brauer (The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson) put Vintechs to work on their most demanding projects. Besides their incredible performance, perhaps the best part about Vintech mic preamps is that they're offered for such affordable prices. Available in both single- and two- channel varieties, if you're searching for that "magic" vocal track, you may well be looking for a Vintech.
If you are going to emulate a recording studio icon like the Neve 1073, then you should improve on it without trying to make it sound better. The Mr. Rupert Neve design, “warts” and all, occupies a special place in engineers' and producers' sonic palettes and imaginations. The Vintech X73 has several additions that, without changing the Neve 1073's personality or character, turn the old Neve 1073 into a true piece of professional, stand-alone outboard gear.
If you’re looking for the ultimate in that classic Neve 1073 sound then look no further that the Vintech mic pre product line which is a design replica of the Neve 1073.


Все товары этого производителя
Vintech X73i of Classic Neve 1073
Vintech Audio
125 800 руб.
Vintech X73 Class-A of Classic Neve 1073
Vintech Audio
162 800 руб.
Vintech X81 of Classic Neve 1081 Module
Vintech Audio
177 600 руб.
Vintech 273 of Classic Neve 1073 Module
Vintech Audio
155 400 руб.
Vintech 609CA of classic the Neve 33609 and 2254
Vintech Audio
247 900 руб.
Vintech 473 Four Сhannels of 1073 preamps
Vintech Audio
240 500 руб.
Vintech Dual 72 of classic Neve 1272 module
Vintech Audio
129 500 руб.
Vintech PSU
Vintech Audio
37 000 руб.
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