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 Even in the short history of high-end high fidelity, few companies have lasted the course. Even fewer have consistently developed and produced high quality products which have earned international acclaim. ProAc is one such company.

 The ProAc range is, as they say, reassuringly expensive. We do not make cheap loudspeakers and certainly do not produce cheap sounds. Happily, many thousands of audiophiles worldwide agree with our philosophy.

 Every ProAc loudspeaker is hand-crafted, with our technicians individually responsible for the building and testing of each unit, from the flagship Response models to the diminutive Tablette. Build quality alone is unsurpassed, each cabinet being meticulously constructed, damped and finished in real wood veneer.

 Only the very finest components are used in ProAc loudspeakers, with each new model reflecting the very leading edge of audio technology. Indeed many models now incorporate dedicated driveunits using our own basket, cone and magnet assemblies. Drive unit performance is fine-tuned through expensive and sophisticated crossover networks .

 But all the finest cabinets and components in the world are redundant without inspired design. And for a quarter of a century Stewart Tyler, Chairman and Chief Designer has been responsible for putting it all together and producing the performance. He alone decides the cabinet size and configuration, drive unit layout and crossover design and all the other factors which combine to produce some of the most cultured sounds available in modern audio.

 ProAc loudspeakers are available through a network of enlightened dealers who will be pleased not only to put our models through their paces, but to give informed advice on partnering equipment. When you think you've heard the best, then go and hear ProAc.


 While Metallica was recording their ninth and most recent album, Death Magnetic, Vintage King’s Jeff Ehrenberg worked with the San Francisco based band on a handful of in-studio demos at Sound City Studios (of Nirvana fame) in Van Nuys, CA. Metallica used a pair of ProAc Studio 100’s purchased from Vintage King for the record, taking a cue from Rick Rubin, producer of the album, who owns multiple pairs of the speaker himself. Throughout the course of recording, the Grammy Award winning Metallica turned to Ehrenberg for suggestions and assistance on a variety of outboard gear, ultimately purchasing four Retro Instruments Sta-Levels and four Retro Instruments 176s. Death Magnetic went on to debut at number one on the Billboard 200 in the United States, making Metallica the first band to ever achieve five consecutive number one debuts.



ProAc Studio 100 Users:   

  • Film Avatar
  • Metallica 
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Bose Automotive Group
  • Jack White
  • Rich Costey
  • John O'Mahony
  • Brendan Benson
  • Michael Marquart
  • Peter Frampton
  • University of Michigan
  • Michael A Sapone
  • Bob Ludwig (Gateway Mastering)
  • Greg Calbi (Sterling Sound)
  • Tony Maserati
  • Rick Rubin
  • Joe Gastwirt
  • 311
  • Neil Diamond
  • John Scofield
  • Bill Frisell
  • David Sanborn
  • Genesis/The Farm
  • Jean Marie Horvat
  • Kevin Killen
  • Michael Brauer
  • Ron Saint Germain
  • Husky Huskolds
  • Troy Germano Studios
  • Ryan Hewitt
  • Craig Street
  • Bob Ezrin
  • Mike Campbell
  • EastWest Studios
  • Blackbird Studios
  • Ryan Freeland
  • Richard Dodd
  • Ben Fowler
  • Neil Dorfsman
  • Right Track
  • Looking Glass
  • Bear Tracks
  • Hit Factory Miami
  • Chung King
  • Village Recorder






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ProAc ER1 Subwoofer
ProAc Loudspeakers
185 000 руб.
ProAc Response D80 Pair
ProAc Loudspeakers
1 332 000 руб.
ProAc Response D Monitor (пара)
ProAc Loudspeakers
384 800 руб.
ProAc Studio 100 Pair (ПАРА!)
ProAc Loudspeakers
222 000 руб.
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