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Since 1988 Little Labs has created audio tools for use in the pro audio industry, to aid the audio engineer in his quest for sonic pleasure for himself and his clients. Little Labs products specialize in addressing previously un-addressed audio applications, empowering the audio engineer with new tools, allowing new techniques to explore deeper into the control of sound.
Little Labs was founded in 1988 by me, Jonathan Little. I came from the San Francisco Bay Area in 1979 with a background in electronics, to be a Studio Tech in LA. The first Little Labs product I designed was the Microphone Preamplifier, which has recently been re-released as the LMNOpre with more features, but internally using the same discreet gain stages. Little Labs products are designed in the tower room of a house high in the Hollywood Hills. I have worked in the technical department of several top LA Studios including Conway Studios, where I was the Chief Tech, A&M studios (ten years), Village Recorder, Cherokee,and the now defunct Devonshire and Salty Dog studios. It is at these fine studios where I have refined my products with the help and feed back of truly the best recording engineers in the world.
Other good things are coming along, lots of new products in the works! The latest is the Voice of God or VOG analog bass resonance tool. This entirely new design allows you to conrol your bass spectrum in a truly unique manner. One use of the VOG will convince you it's not an EQ, It's not one of those sub-bass synth things, but it is as it is called, a bass resonance tool. You're going to dig it and the circuitry used is as high quality as you would find in a serious hi end hi fi.
Myself and the manufacturing staff of Little Labs thanks you for visiting our Web site and please contact us if we can be of any further assistance to you.


Все товары этого производителя
Little Labs Pepper DI-Box Re-Amp Mixer
Little Labs
59 200 руб.
Little Labs PCP Instrument Distro REV 3.1
Little Labs
96 200 руб.
Little Labs LMNOPre Mic Preamp
Little Labs
133 200 руб.
Little Labs VOG Analog Bass Resonance Tool
Little Labs
51 800 руб.
Little Labs STD rev 2
Little Labs
16 280 руб.
Little Labs Red Eye Recording Tool
Little Labs
44 400 руб.
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