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Lipinski timeless analog classics enhance the new generation of digital formats.
Unique among audio equipment manufacturers,  the company is professionally active in engineering sciences, as well as recorded arts.
Lipinski  aims to advance the art of music recording and playback, to the next level of reference.

UNIVERSAL выбирает продукцию LIPINSKI



"We enter the design process only if we can't find quality equipment to suite our own recording and playback needs.  A new Lipinski product is introduced only when it surpasses, or at least leads, the existing market."

- Andrew Lipinski in an interview for High-End Magazine

Lipinski Sound Corporation was founded October of 2003 by Andrew Lipinski - a prime recording engineer/producer educated in Europe, based in the USA and professionally active around the globe.
Andrew Lipinski's perfect hearing abilities were recognized by the US National Bureau of Standards, where he was the only individual to achieve a perfect score on the listening evaluation of phonographic recordings. "...one listener achieving a perfect score...""A score of 10 correct of 10 selections would be expected 1 out of 1000 times" - National Bureau of Standards (NBSIR 88-3725) on Mr. Lipinski's score
For many years prior to the creation of Lipinski Sound, Andrew's "golden ear" talent was a creative force behind pro-audio equipment manufacturers such as Telefunken USA and Mytek Digital. He has also consulted for High End audiophile companies.
"Quite some time ago, I came to the realization that if I had a limitless budget to spend on the best playback and recording equipment in the world, I would have nothing to buy that would truly satisfy my ear, or the ears of certain audiophiles and other discerning engineers. Therefore, to meet my personal needs as a professionally active recording engineer and producer, I started to modify the equipment of my choice, and eventually began building my own components. Lipinski Sound products are a culmination of not only a few decades of research and development, but an all-out, consistent, aggressive, pursuit of perfection within the art of sound recording that has spanned my entire lifetime."


Все товары этого производителя
Lipinski Sound L-619 Parametric Equalizer
Lipinski Sound
114 700 руб.
Lipinski L-409 Signature Mic Preamplifier
Lipinski Sound
84 702 руб.
Lipinski L-609 Mic Preamplifier
Lipinski Sound
96 200 руб.
Lipinski L-629 Compressor
Lipinski Sound
Старая цена: 127 650 руб.
111 000 руб.
Lipinski L-707 Monitor
Lipinski Sound
141 169 руб.
Lipinski L-707A - One Segment (Black)
Lipinski Sound
481 000 руб.
Lipinski L-707A Grand - Two Segments (Black)
Lipinski Sound
388 215 руб.
Lipinski L-301A Monoblock Power Amplifier
Lipinski Sound
141 169 руб.
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