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Telefunken V72 Tube Mic Preamp racked in Redwood box Plug and Play - $2600
Telefunken V72 Tube Mic Preamp racked in Redwood box Plug and Play - $2600
ProItems Vintage
192 400 руб.


Completely plug and play switch on and use now!
Not some raw vintage modules. Everything was checked and serviced.
This module has been tested and racked and is in great working condition. Pics of the actual item for sale.

First of all it’s my most favorite tube mic pre. And I own Vintage Neve 1073 and WSW 811403, V76 and many more of the top league. Check out various threads on gearslutz, web etc.


V72 module was developed between 1949 and 1952 as a microphone and main studio amplifier. It’s like the Mount Everest and pride of the highest level of German sound engineering. By 1955 it was the standard preamplifier in German radio stations.
When George Martin in 1967 started to use V72 and V76 for recording “Sgt. Pepper” (the Beatles) the world of sound industry could not ignore them anymore. After that, they became world standard mic preamps and main workhorses at Abbey Road, EMI and were heavily used by the Beatles, Pink Floyd and others.

Until now, V72 is considered the best tube mic preamps ever built.
Not a single modern company now is able to produce a tube mic preamp of the same high quality level and at such price.


V72 is a self contained amplifier with a fixed gain level of 34 dB. Nowadays the unit is used as a vintage tube mic preamp in recording studios all over the world.
There must be a reason why the V72 is one of the most sought after mic preamps today. The V72 sounds fat and colorful, but still very natural and "real". When compared with the V76 people often say the V72 sounds a little thicker and has more depth than the V76.


• Original Telefunken V72 Module, Nr. 893
• Racked in handmade very beautiful box from Solid Redwood
• 34dB of gain
• Two EF804S tubes
• +48V Phantom
• Pad – 20db
• Neutrik 'State of the Art' A Gold Series XLR Input and Output Chassis Connectors
• Polished contact areas and hard Gold plating
• Connecting the module to PSU as well as to the Input and Output via soldering for better sound (schematics will be provided)
• Handmade quality PSU: 120V to 220V


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