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Telefunken V72 Tube Preamp in Vintage King Oak Wood Rack - $3000
Telefunken V72 Tube Preamp in Vintage King Oak Wood Rack - $3000
ProItems Vintage
222 000 руб.


 Telefunken V72 Tube Preamp Serial Number is 878 racked in a very beautiful Vintage King Oak Wooden Box

 Perhaps the most popular and the best tube mic preamp ever built. The example of the German highest standards in sound engineering of the era right after WWII.

 They were built by a variety of manufacturers for German broadcast and were used by other companies most notably EMI. The V-72, V-72A, V-76 and V-78 are the most notable. (The V-74 is a line amplifier, V-73 a comp/limiter.)

 The V-72 is a dual-tube unit employing two Telefunken EF-804S tubes. It has 34 dB of gain and a maximum output level of +15. This is especially good for high-output microphones like the U47, U67s (pad removed), M49s, C-12s, etc. The V-72 offers a very musical shimmer at the top end, as well as a full tone and thickness. The V-72A used one E180F and one 5654 tube; it has 42 dB of gain and also a +15 output. This will work better with FET condensers (414s, U87s, etc.). V-72 amplifiers were found in the EMI REDD 37 Abbey Road consoles that were used on the Beatles recordings up to Sgt. Pepper. 

The V72 was modeled on the V41 and the circuits are almost identical with the exception of the gain control section.  The V72 also utilized modern advancements like Noval glass tubes and a smaller housing, the "Danner" cassette module.  The first 100 units were built at the NWDR Zentraltechnik.  Serial numbers 101 to 300 were built by Maihak.  These units were built with a set of EF40 tubes, the post-war glass version of the EF12.  In later models, this tube was changed out for the sonically superior EF804 and EF804S. 

The V72 is a self contained amplifier with a fixed gain level of 34 dB.  It was originally used as a microphone amplifier used in conjunction with a Neumann W75k high pass filter and as a buffering amplifier to make up for loss of the passive fader like the Danner MR66/88 and Eckmiller W86 EQs.  By 1955 it became the standard preamplifier in German radio stations.  

An estimated 25000 V72 modules were built for the German Radio Network alone.  The early versions were built by Maihak and Telefunken/AEG later by Siemens.  In 1954 Siemens and TAB became sub contractors to make the historic V72.  Aside from the German radio stations, the V72 was used by most of the European Recording Companies like EMI, Decca/Telefunken, etc.  

Telefunken used the V72s as standard preamplifiers for their broadcast division.  In 1960 AEG-Telefunken was the world's largest manufacturer of broadcast systems and sold these units to radio stations in South America, Africa and the Middle East, where most of them are still in use today.  In 1966 the production of the V72 stopped at Telefunken.  Siemens stopped their production in 1964 but built the V72b version up until to 1966.  TAB was the only company that built the V72a up into the 70s. 

Telefunken V72 Nr 878 in Vintage King Oak Wood Rack 

Vintage King custom-made wooden rack made out of solid oak. 

Vintage King V72 Wood Toolbox Features

  • Solid Oak
  • 48V phantom switchable per channel w/ 20 second ramp to protect input transformers.
  • Line and mic inputs (line input has appropriate pad if necessary)
  • Output fader per channel.
  • Switchcraft ™ gold input and output XLR’s.
  • External PSU for lowest noise: 120V to 220V step-up, regulated +48V phantom.
  • Optional Cinemag™ DI transformers.


Price is $3000

You can pay via PayPal. We can send to Any Part of the World. Please contact: info@proitems.ru or to me directly rustgl@mail.ru  

We ship the same or the next day upon payment.  

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