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2x Siemens/ WSW Channel Strips 811510 with WSW PSU Plug and Play - $6000
2x Siemens/ WSW Channel Strips 811510 with WSW PSU Plug and Play - $6000
ProItems Vintage
444 000 руб.


 2x Siemens/ WSW Channel Strips 811510 with WSW PSU Plug and Play!

Price is $6000 for 2 channels of the greatest Amps and two warm and sweet sounding passive Eqs ever built. + Origianal Vintage WSW PSU!!!!  

You can pay via PayPal. We can send to any part of the world. Please contact: info@proitems.ru or to me directly rustgl@mail.ru

We ship the same or the next day upon payment.  

Here is the greatest peace of sound engineering gear - Siemens/ WSW Channel Strips W-VE-15 Model 811510B.

Completely plug and play use now! Not some raw vintage modules. Everything was checked and serviced.  

AWESOME SOUNDING vintage German Channel Strip from 1960s. This was taken from Siemens Console and probably the best sounding all discrete WSW Channel Strips with all passive eq ever built.

Rupert Neve took the schematics of exactly this gain amp WSW 811510 found later in NEVE 1073 .. BA183 and BA184 modules from 1972.

By many 811510 is considered the same league as Neve 1073 etc. Excellent for everything ... great on vocals, guitars, synths, Drums.....o yes BASS.

The sound is very distinctive, smooth, transparent, warm and musical.

Lenny Kravitz uses wsw gear on most his records (check the web).\


The Channel Strip has the following conctrols:


  • 1 x Volume Control Knob, with fixed steps (Input Gain)
  • 1 x Carbon Fader to control the output level (Output Level)
  • 1 x Button for selected listening "Solo" in mode SIP Solo In Place
  • 1 x Slide Switch HPF Filter with three modes (Left-30Hz, Center – 80Hz, Right - 180Hz)
  • 4 x Knobs of 3 Bands EQ: Low - fixed 60Hz - boost/ cut, High - 12Khz Boost/ Cut, Midrange  selected - Boost/ Cut.
  • 4 x Aux Sends - 4 FX Sends with single control knob and 4 buttons
  • 1 x Potentiometer and 2 selection buttons for public-address amplifier: 2 Cue Sends
  • 4 x buttons to select source for processing: 2 x (two) different Microphone Inputs and 2 x (two) Line Inputs
  • 5 x Bus Sends
  • 1 x Pan Knob 
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