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Great German Condenser Stereo Microphone Neumann USM69 - $5000
Great German Condenser Stereo Microphone Neumann USM69 - $5000
ProItems Vintage
335 000 руб.


It's not Modern USM 69i!!! Or USB 69i MT! 

The USM 69 is a Multi-Pattern Condenser Stereo Microphone, with two Large-Diaphragm capsules stacked atop one another. Both capsules support five selectable polar patterns, enabling the microphone to produce numerous single-point stereo patterns.

This mic came in 1979 as a switchable stereo microphone that is still in the Neumann catalog today. The USM69 is basically a double U89 circuit. It is essentially two U87's in one unit. It accepts phantom power and is switchable at the microphone.

This Neumann microphone is great sounding, well-designed, and built for people who want professional sound in the studio or while on tour. Providing precision, economy, and durability, this Neumann microphone is up to the task. Seasoned musicians, comedians, and public speakers alike love the reliability and sensitivity of USM69. This condenser microphone allows you to pick up your subjects right up front but not unwanted noise from the back or uniformly from all directions with its directionality. It is very sensitive, which means you are able to record all kinds of loud or quiet subjects. This Neumann microphone is intended for broadcast and recording, so you can use it for voice-overs and studio dates. With the wide 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response of this condenser microphone, you can confidently pick up crisp treble tones and deep lows.

Acoustical characteristics are identical to those of the well-known SM 69 FET stereo condenser microphone because the entire capsule configuration has been adopted from it unchanged.

Two 5-way pattern switches are mounted on the body of the microphone. The two capsules can be independently set to Omni, Wide Cardioid, Cardioid, Hypercardioid, or Figure-8.

The upper capsule housing rotates in relation to the fixed lower capsule, +180°–-90° (270° total). This allows the microphone to be used for a variety of stereo applications:

X-Y - Set both capsules to Cardioid; rotate the top capsule 45°–120°.

  • Mid-Side - Set the lower capsule to Cardioid; set the top to Figure-8 and rotate it 90°.
  • Blumlein - Set both capsules to Figure-8; rotate the top capsule 90°.

The mic body houses two separate and independent amplifiers, one for each capsule. These circuits contain a non-switchable subsonic filter that “effectively suppresses subsonic interference as caused by wind or structure borne noise.”


Great vintage stereo microphone. Brilliant at capturing room sound, especially orchestras.


Overhead, stereo room, guitars, piano, etc.

Neumann suggests that both capsules can be configured identically and recorded simultaneously to a second input channel for backup purposes when recording critical material.

Alternatively, the output from the two capsules can be combined externally to produce “exotic” pickup patterns, such as variations of wide- or hypercardioid, that are not supported by either single capsule.


Price is $5000

You can pay via PayPal. We can send to Any Part of the World. Please contact: info@proitems.ru or to me directly rustgl@mail.ru  

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