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Studio Electronics C2s
Studio Electronics C2s
Studio Electronics


Two-channel compressor limiter with a combination of 1176 and Neve qualities

The Studio Electronics C2s is an F.E.T. compressor/ limiter based on the UREI® 1176, with significant design changes and modifications. Instead of the class ab push-pull output stage, found in the later 'F' series UREI® 1176, a NEVE® 1272 type class a output stage is used, incorporating a sowter® transformer built to NEVE® 1272 specs. This is similar to earlier releases of the UREI® 1176, resulting in a slightly different (read better) sound than the later units. Our Studio Electronics C2s's output stage 'symmetry' pot (r36) can be adjusted to deliberately clip asymmetrically; a well-known NEVE® 1272  trick adding second harmonic distortion, which some users find quite pleasing.
This adjustment is factory determined for maximum headroom before clipping: more than +27dbm! Another refined departure is our utilization of a Jensen® type (now built by Reichenbach®) input transformer - attenuator moved to the 'secondary'. This reduces distortion and noise by insuring that the 'primary' is always fully driven. With precision metal film resistors, gold XLRs, gold switch contacts, gold internal connections and premium quality carbon and conductive plastic potentiometers used throughout, a notably lower noise than is usually associated with vintage units and an improvement in matching between the two channels is realized. Furthermore, we've incorporated the much-used technique of depressing all four ratio select buttons on the original UREI® 1176: this 'feature' is duplicated exactly in the “squash” position of the Studio Electronics C2s's "ratio" selector.
Lastly, the Studio Electronics C2s incorporates two dedicated l.e.d. meters with ppm ballistics. For the first time, it is possible to simultaneously accurately judge gain reduction and output level, even with very percussive material. The original UREI® 1176 featured a vu meter that could only be switched between input, output and gain reduction; because of the sluggish nature of said meter, it was next to useless for detecting any fast moving signals and transients.
The Studio Electronics C2s has undergone more than 10 months of painstaking design and rigorous testing so we at studio electronics are confidant it will prove a particularly productive tool for 'tracking' and 'mixdown'. Additionally we've discovered that this design is capable of extreme amounts of compression and limiting, but without the 'squeezing' and 'dulling' that more modern designs usually exhibit. Indeed, signals processed by the Studio Electronics C2s actually sound brighter and more 'present' after compression and limiting - tremendously helpful in bringing lead instruments and vocals cleanly to the front of your mix. We hope the caswell audio series Studio Electronics C2s will prove equally satisfying in your province of inspiration.


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The C2S UREI 1176 Type FET Compressor/Limiter Features:

  • All discrete class A circuit design
  • Transformer coupled balanced inputs (Jensen) and outputs (Sowter)
  • Neve® 1272 type line driver output, dual mono/stereo linkable
  • L.E.D. PPM meters for output and gain reduction display
  • Relay hardware bypass, TRS and XLR connections
  • Gold XLRs, switch contacts, and internal connections
  • Premium quality carbon and conductive plastic potentiometers
  • Threshold: Set by input level; Ratio: 4:1 - 20:1; Attack time: 20 - 800 milliseconds; Release time: 50 milliseconds - 1.1 seconds
  • Weight: 17 lb.
  • Dimensions: 1 rack space, 10 inches deep
  • Power: 110 - 220 volts AC selectable
  • Asymmetrical output clipping (for injecting second harmonic distortion)
  • Secret UREI® 1176Squash Position”, Output gain control, Ground Lift 
  • Elegant look and layout, Metallic pearl paint finish
  • Rugged steel chassis construction, Stylish cast aluminum knobs
  • Compact single rack space configuration
  • Unique sonic improvements and enhancements


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